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Ethiopia - Land of 13 Months of Sunshine

Ethiopia has a phenomenal cultural diversification like no place else on the planet. Ethiopia undividedly has 80 discrete ethnic groups expressing in more than 80 languages and observing varied religions. Ethiopia is among Africa's most alluring countries with incredible wildlife, the most passionate crowd, and panoramic landscapes. These landscapes have a significant spectrum and enough charm to move you musically.

Ethiopia constitutes the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa, and it caves most extended mountain ranges. Further, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and its rustic rural cuisine even beats the civic cuisine we run after.

Ethiopia is an adventuresome country, and Ethiopia Tours is about unraveling and unfolding the hidden historical treasures. Ethiopia Tours should be well designed, having a blend of adventure activities and sightseeing. If Ethiopia travel packages are well organized, there is a sweet chance of fitting in as a part of their most influential cultural festivals:

  • Genna – Ethiopian Christmas (January 7th)
  • Meskel – Ethiopian religious (end of September)
  • Timkat – Ethiopia's Orthodox Christian celebration (January 20th)

Ethiopia travel packages drive you back to the ancient era. Engaging in Ethiopia Vacation Packages, you get to behold the country's innate natural and biblical stunning beauty. Ethiopia vacation packages on map you an affordable and accessible trip. Therefore book your Ethiopia Packages online with FindMyAmazingHoliday and relish a hassle-free vacation experience; these packages also ensure that visitors enjoy a pocket-friendly vacation.

You should positively consume every minute in Addis Ababa, considering it's the capital of Ethiopia. In addition, there is an outdoor marketplace, Addis Mercato, flooded with memorials and relics of Ethiopia. Furthermore, there are numerous divine cathedrals and museums to visit. If you have few days on you, we urge you to travel to North Ethiopia, home to churches of Tigray, Danakil Depression, Gondar, Lalibela, and Simien Mountains. Finally, if you still have a good time left, you can visit Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia and meet the ethnic tribes there.

Top Tourist Attractions

Danakil Depression

The actively simmering volcanic Danakil Depression highlights a persistent lava lake and endless yellow lands of sulfurous mounds. It lies over 100m below sea level and is the hottest site on earth. Unfortunately, due to the paucity of roads and services and the soaring temperatures traveling for this surreal encounter is not easy and is only possible with a properly organized travel package. Nevertheless, it is a genuine raw adventure and an overwhelming experience.


Carved totally out of rock, the great rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are artistically and graciously refined, ancient, and culturally stubborn, full of customs and reverence of Christianity. It is a World Heritage but embellished with a remarkable architecture, and the positive chants of white-robed priests and pilgrims will enlighten and illuminate you.